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A platform for innovative, creative & environmentally conscious bands to produce & sell handmade merchandise for fans


Bandmade was born out of our desire to make band merch to sell to our fans that was rare, beautifully hand-crafted and mindfully produced with the environment in mind.

We were uninspired by the typical mass produced, impersonal ‘corporate’ band merchandise products that were available, that weren’t great for the environment & were often produced offshore. Our fans deserved better, so we created a range of unique products that we thought they would love to own!

We figured if we could write songs, we could take the artisan approach & make something gorgeous with our hands for our fans?

We worked hard to source products locally, and reduce our carbon footprint.

We developed themes & artwork for our packaging that reflected our band’s brand & our fan’ style.

Most importantly, we rolled our sleeves up & made our first range of products with our own hands!

For bands & musicians

Connect with us if you’re a band who wants to get involved and list your bandmade merch with us. Bands can use this site to sell merch, make new connections with fellow musicians & to reach out to new fans.

For fans

Join the artisanal revolution, discover new music & unique handcrafted products, & support your favourite bands & musicians to sustain themselves by shopping & supporting band.

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