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We are a collective of experienced and established singer-songwriters who have immersed ourselves in the practice of our art and music. We exist to create opportunities for our music to be shared and experienced. We support and promote the artists within our community by working collectively towards a shared belief that we can be part of the change our industry needs to celebrate diversity, embrace wisdom and experience and create sustainable pathways for life-long music making.

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If you are a mid-career artist and you have something to say, or an industry professional who would love to help us share our music, we’d love to hear from you! Flick us an email hello@fatalfemme.com.au or by filling in the form below.

Our Collective

emily davis

Singer - Songwriter - Musician

Lucious lyrics woven into evocative folk, rock and ocean Blues, resting between heart and sass.

fleur green

Singer - Songwriter - Musician

An intense musicality with echoes of orchestras, carnivals and songstresses long since departed; told through a sweet, soulful, and darkly hilarious voice.

sasha march

Singer - Songwriter - Musician

Guitar strings and smooth vocals lace together to create a beautiful indie, folk sound full of stories and heart.

Our story

Driven by a core desire to continue making music and to have a space for our music to be heard Fatal Femme was birthed. Uncompromising in our approach, we are focused on more than independently launching an album… we are taking on the whole music industry paradigm, working towards creating a new landscape for diverse musicians to share their music.

Sharing our knowledge and resources our collective collaborates to create opportunities for artist development and promotion through mentorships, local and international touring, commission opportunities and brand development.

We are here to create our own space to be seen and heard; sharing our music and our art!

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'All girls to the front!'

Bikini Kill