You, Me & the Velvet Sea

'There's something utterly compelling about the sea. In every dream I have at night, the sea is usually the star of the show. It's the thing I feel most in tune with.'

Emily Davis celebrates the anticipated release of her third studio album, ‘You, Me & The Velvet Sea’ at Jive on April 14th. Having earned a reputation for delivering ‘utterly absorbing’ (DB Magazine) and ‘breathtaking’ (Rip It Up) live, shows, Davis is excited to bring the album to the stage with the help of her stellar band.

‘You, Me & the Velvet Sea’ has a sound that splits the difference between folk and rock driven by Davis’ sassy and syrupy voice and evocative lyrics. The tracks contemplate love in all of its incarnations, conjuring cinematic images, and haunting tableaus, and sass, inspired by the ever-changing mood of the sea.


"You, Me and the Velvet Sea creates a luscious and surreal world for the listener, as each song explores human connection, and her enduring belief in the transformative power of love in all of its incarnations."


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